Its a tough job


Every January finds me at the Canary Wharf Winter lights Festival providing technical support. DSC_0048

My primary role is providing the electricity that powers it all , but have developed a subsidiary role in building wooden weather proof boxes to house the myriad electronic components needed to make it all work. All very last minute as artists are not always renowned for organisation


My final role and the one I enjoy the most is chief tester, I get to try it before the kids, who would have thought you could get paid for this. Back to my workshop is going to feel really tame after this.

However should you find yourself near canary wharf in the next 10 evenings I would drop in its certainly worth it, take a child with you and its even better, and make a point of seeing the cleverest water fall you will ever see as shown below, computer controlled jets that work with droplets to write words.DSC_0041


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