A Real Sacrifice


For the last couple of weeks I have been working on my latest http://www.heritagecraft.co.uk project book that deals with the Building and Operation of a wood fired Bread oven – out soon, and I felt the need to include a few bread recipes. As always happens when you get old like me the mind starts to wander and I found myself desperate to make Beer Bread with a twist.

I have seen and tried several beer bread recipes, which tend to be German or Belguim, delicious but quite heavy for my tastes. I wanted something light for lunch, so I thought I might have an experiment. Based very loosely on a French Fougasse recipe this bread uses beer in place of water, my very last bottle of my favourite Adnams Explorer beer, the sacrifices I make for my craft, with the addition of caramelised onions and sauté mushrooms. I think if you place it in an airtight container it will keep for a few days. If we ever get to keep some for that long I will let you know. It must be magical because it vanished.

It would be good cooked in a conventional oven , but Stone baked in a wood fired bread oven it takes  you to another place.


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