My New Office Chair


As the Christmas break draws to an end for once I am in the unusual position of looking forward to going back to the office. Now as a rule I do have to admit I enjoy my job, lots of different projects to get my teeth in too, and the time off over Christmas has given plenty of time to research what I need for this years projects. However this year I return with renewed purpose keen to try out my new office chair.

Big deal I head you cry the mans got a new chair. In reality I don’t think I have ever had a new chair, the last one was a hand me down 10 years ago, and finally the back fell off a couple of months ago, however all the mechanism and adjustment’s worked, its just the structure that went, but I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away., so I have saved it for when I have some time. The Christmas break.

image When I took it apart I discovered a makers label stating it was made in 1994, so its done well to last this long for what was really a cheap office chair now without a back


The challenge was to do this without spending money, making use of offcuts and bits and pieces laying around the workshop, so it helps if you have a workshop like mine with lots of different materials, wood, steel, Upholstery fabrics and horse hair.

So now I have a refurbished chair, good I hope for another 10 years.

Happy New Year



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