Birthday up in smoke


imageSomeone once told me that you reach a certain age and you suddenly discover you have every thing you want. You have a Family, a Job, a Mortgage, and with it comes grown up responsibilities, the one thing you don’t have is time. Well I must have reached that age on what is my once a year day.

However this year the gods are on my side, unlike the poor souls in the North Of England, here we have a fine day, and I have time to play. Time to fire up the wood fired bread oven. I built this in the summer and subject of an earlier post, but rarely have the time to use it and when I do, it rains, but not to day. So there I was out in the garden before first light firing up the oven, which then bakes the spelt bread, things are looking good.

Continuing the outdoor theme I then lit the fire basket, to cook home cured & smoked bacon, in my home made frying pan, can you see a theme going here.


Add this to hot spelt bread, home made brown sauce, and you have the ultimate bacon sandwich, and for once the fact that its taken hours and hours doesn’t matter.image

Soon its back to real life, the projects are piling up, but for today if I want have fire in the garden and cook something who cares.


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1 Response to Birthday up in smoke

  1. slocar1 says:

    I was wondering Tom about the smoke in your home made bread oven, does it affect the food cooked in there, in a negative way.

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