Extreme Upcycling


10 years ago I acquired an Office Chair, it wasn’t new then, not all the knobs worked but it suited me and as I remember it was cheap . You just learnt to sit a certain way and accept the arms had to be that height. Finally after all this time the back broke and  I had to admit defeat and purchase a replacement, but couldn’t bring myself to throw the chair away.

So with a few days off over Christmas its the perfect project, and whatever the end result its going to be an improvement, further by using up leftover bits and pieces I can make it without cost. Proper Upcycling  I have to be honest after that statement and say it helps if you have a well stocked workshop, where you have left over beech wood and horse hair, but we will let that go by. So that’s my challenge. A new Office Chair without spending money

The first job was to strip it down, where I discovered the chair had been made in 1994, so its done it time, and by tightening a few nuts I have repaired the arm mechanism, something that should have been done years ago think of all that comfort I have missed out on.


Then making use of some left over pieces of beech I have made a simple wooden frame as a replacement back, which will fix to the existing mechanism so I keep the adjustments. In turn that then gets upholstered with horse hair to create a deep buttoned back, how good is that. Then a new cover for the seat and bobs your uncle. Its a shame I have to stop for Christmas but come back later  and see how I get on.


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