Finally the video


Sometimes real life just gets in the way of having fun and that’s certainly been the case here. The oven was built and tested August, and I am delighted to say its been well used since. The downside of it is to fire it takes so much fuel that you want to make maximum use of the heat, and so end up cooking, bread, cakes, stews, and even and I struggle to say the word Pizza, all at the same time. Last year I cooked the Christmas turkey in the hot smoker, this year I think I can go better cooking it in the bread oven.

I have found the inclusion of a temperature gauge on the oven door brings out the “inner cavemen” found in all men. Managing and controlling the fire to maintain a constant optimum temperature is an art form not to be taken lightly, The selection and placement of the right type and quantity of wood becomes critical and you cant take your eye off the gauge for a moment if you are to maintain optimum heat. An enormous responsibility  to which my dearly beloved just shrugs her shoulders and says” well it keeps him busy for a few hours”

Finally I have had time to edit the video and if you would like to see the transformation from a pile of bricks into the magnificent edifice you see before you click here to see the video

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