The Duck becomes a swan


Another day off, don’t you love summer, and so another day working on my bread oven, It’s hard to imagine we have gone from a pile of bricks to this,and finally as you can see the structure is complete, with doors, a temperature gauge on the oven door, and a rather fetching coat of paint, courtesy of my dearly beloved who managed to get paint in places I didn’t think possible. I did get a photo of her afterwards where she looks like an extra in a gory horror movie, but I am banned from ever showing anyone.Finally I think we might have an actual working oven.

Alas now I have to wait a week (real work gets in the way) before we are ready for the grand innaugral bake, which promises to be the social event of the Norfolk Season. We have been given copious amounts of wood, and by then I will have finished the fire grate so there will be no stopping us, although I might just have a sneaky test go first just to make sure it works, before I open myself up to public scrutiny. Needless to say friends and family are taking great delight in asking for pizza, but I shall be strong. The menu is crusty Bread, several types, bacon and potatoe bake, with our home made bacon, and home grown pototoes, and for pudding we will have crop of mirabelles in the garden so it has to be Mirabelle cake, all baked in a wood fired oven we have built. Does it get any better than that. Its so hippy I shall have to grow a pony tail and a moustache.

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