The Most Relaxing Video in the World

I have had a little time to play recently, and I finally got round to making a video of my smoker in operation. Not an instructional video, but rather a “just enjoy the moment video”. An experiment like a popular sandwich spread you will love it or hate it.

Now you can view this in various ways. You could say nothing happens, its boring, there are no murders, no one runs naked across the screen, cars don’t crash, in short nothing happens.

The other way to look at it is you have gently wafting whisps of smoke on a beautiful summers day, in the background you can hear a wide variety of different bird song, occasionally a car goes past in the distance,inevitable in England, but really nothing happens to challenge you or make you take notice. The end result is tranquil, relaxing, almost soporific, it certainly put me to sleep, and I will leave you to work out if it really was a motorbike going past near the end, or was someone snoring. I will never tell.


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