Put an Old Man out of his Misery

some days you just have to put aside all thoughts of hedonistic pleasure, in my workshop knocking seven bells out of bits of wood, and instead concentrate on earning your daily crust. Which is why I am spending the weekend helping at a Special Effects Makeup Show.

image  In the meantime one of my Videos on Youtube and the Youtube channel itself creak towards two milestones. The video about Hand sewing a Ladies Handbag is but a few views away from 100,ooo, and the channel is so close to 5000 subscriber’s. Two major milestones we should pass today.

In my world this is a milestone in which I take very childish pleasure, after all who really wants to watch a middle aged man, though if you look in the picture, its amazing what they can do with a bit of makeup when I take my top off.

Put an old man out of his misery and watch the video and get me past the 100,000. If your really kind you will subscribe to the channel, and I can get back to my workshop.

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