Do people still buy books?

linedFor a long time now I have been working on a book about leather craft, and have been slowly gathering content. Over the same time I have made a number of videos, posted them on you tube, which if I say so myself have been well received, some better than others but I now have a couple over 100’000 views, so above average.

So I now find myself with a dilemma as too the way forward, and yet I have to decide soon. Advances in digital technology means I could self publish a book, and assuming I can put my distrust of Amazon to one side put it out there and hope someone buys it. But does anyone buy books anymore? I can’t remember the last time I brought a printed book, and for a magazine I would really need to dredge my memory. I do buy e books but due to the nature of the subject and the need for illustrations the set up costs would be astronomical.

Plan B is too create a pay per view website and put the material on there, perhaps with supporting video.

Plan C is create a pay per view video with supporting website. But does anyone ever pay, how do you get past everyone expecting free content? Am I doomed to rely on third party advertising which I am sure works for YouTube but pays me a pittance.

Any thoughts gratefully received


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3 Responses to Do people still buy books?

  1. shinyoliver says:

    Go look at “Getting Your Book Published for Dummies.” It’s got a really good breakdown of options for getting a book like yours published.

  2. Chad Prince says:

    I would love a book.

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