101 uses for unistrut

Image The talk has finished and now the fun begins, although to be fair there is still a lot of talking going on. I am thoroughly enjoying the reaction when I tell people I am making a Horse Powered Ice Cream Machine, some are very enthusiastic, with many offers of help, and the first mix is going to be very popular, to others who really don’t get why you would make anything you can buy from a supermarket, which these days means you probably wouldn’t make anything. They really don’t get the fact that the journey is great fun and the end result is going to be awesome. (note the awesome that’s a middle age man being trendy, so you can teach an old dog new tricks).
I am starting at the centre with the frame for the “Horse Gin” the bit the horse walk around. Having considered the matter I decided to make the frame from unistrut which if you have never seen it before is like meccano but for big boys and girls, used in the building industry to hold just about everything together. Normally I would use plain steel but as I have never seen a machine like this, and there is going to have to be a fair degree of experimentation and adjustment going on, so having a frame that can easily be adjusted will make it easier.

The next step is to make and fit the drive mechanism which might have to wait a few days whilst real work gets in the way. Life would be so easy if you didn’t have to earn a living as well

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