Working with leather – The Book

photo (3)
I always enjoy feedback from my videos, even the troll, and one of the recurring requests is the need for basic instruction. As with many things I do I work on the theory: I can do that unless proved otherwise, an attitude that’s lead me to make all sorts of things, although I do think the Ice cream Machine may rank as one of the strangest.

Embracing this state of mind, I have set off to write a book about working with leather, after all how hard can it be? I am starting small with a booklet to cover basic cutting, stitching, and finishing techniques, and too that end I made the luggage label. The picture above is the first attempt, and it still needs a strap but I didn’t have any suitable buckles, so that will follow on in a few days.

I wanted a simple project to put in the book as a first project, something that used basic techniques and could be finished in a couple of hours, where each operation can be broken down into 10 minute segments, hence the luggage label. All I have to do now is write the words to suit the pictures.

Taking it forward do I just do a book about making leather bags, after all these are my most popular videos by a long way or shall I detour and put in things like whip making? Do I get commercial and keep the content focussed leaving myself the opportunity for a whole variety of books, or be realistic and get it all in one volume?

any thoughts?

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