Hand Sewn Leather Backpack

backpack5 Late last night I finished editing my latest video, a tutorial on a how to design and make a Leather Backpack and it was posted this morning on the heritagecraft channel. Have a look and see what you think, and do let me know.

This project came about following a request via you tube from someone who had seen the satchel video and wanted the same style but in a backpack form. I had never made a backpack before and fancied ago, everyone who has seen it has remarked upon the shoulder pads and so I can see them making another appearance on other bags. Rather than just a video about sewing leather, I have tried to explain the design process and my thought processes.

I went up to London the other day for an appointment, arrived early and whilst waiting found myself looking at handbags. I was going to keep away from Leather projects for a while, as I am just about to start a large project, but I might just sneak a new bag in as well

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6 Responses to Hand Sewn Leather Backpack

  1. Andre Zucher says:

    Hi Tom! First and foremost I would like to compliment you on your work. My favorite is by far the hand sewn leather backpack, it is simply exquisite. I am new to leather work and would like to tackle this backpack as my first project. I am aware it may be a little ambitious by I am confident that with the help of your videos and by first making a denim prototype, it can be done.

    My question to you is, could you be so kind as to provide me with (if they exist of course) the measurements of this backpack and/or it’s individual pieces? This information would remove a lot of guesswork from the project and greatly aid me.

    Once again thank you for your contributions on the blog and for your videos, they are terrific!

    Keep up the good work,

    • Thank you for your kind words it’s appreciated.The actual design features as part of a series of project books I am writing to be out in the new year. What I can tell you is the logic behind the design. I reasoned that the largest item they would want to carry would be an a4 folder so I measured that and made the bag 2cms wider plus an allowance for seams. Good luck

  2. Andre Zucher says:

    Amendment: and a list of materials please!

  3. Bianca says:

    Just saw your video for leather backpack and was curious if you sell your work because I would love a backpack like that but I am no where near capable to make one myself

  4. Mariana says:

    Can you please post the patterns to make your handbag and backpack designs? Im very interested in leather at the moment and think i am decent at it but i don’t have any idea how to construct a pattern to get all the dimensions right.

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