Welcome to my page. My Name is Thomas Green a craftsmen working in Wood, Leather, and steel with workshops in London and Norfolk. I started out some 14 years ago to become a wheelwright and rapidly discovered that whilst I could make a carriage wheel, the allied trades such as Blacksmiths, Wainwrights, Trimmer etc. either didn’t exist, or those that did couldn’t do carriage work. So I could make a wheel but couldn’t do anything with it. So with a mix of naivety and ignorance I set off to gain the skills.

14 years later I consider myself a heritage craftsmen able to turn my hand to wide variety of projects. About 10 years ago I did an evening class in leather harness making, which I loved, and leather work, particularly bag making as those who know my videos have seen takes up a lot of my work. My current video project which is just finishing is a request via you tube for a Leather Satchel type back pack, why not have a look and see how I got on.

Carriage upholstery for a time made up a lot of my work, the real old fashion style using springs and horsehair, again something I love doing, so I detour to make armchairs and settees, and at the moment I have a commission for a pair of Gothic Wedding Thrones for a Theatrical Hire company I know well.

Along the way I do keep getting diverted as projects come up which I really fancy. Some years ago a fellow wheelwright in Canada sent me a video link for a Horse Powered Ice Cream Machine, which obviously resonated with me, and its time has finally come, so once the back pack project is finished, the ice cream maker is next. It promises to be an interesting project and because there is very limited info to work from there’s going to have to be a few experiments along the way. so keep in touch, follow the progress, and if it works come and try the ice cream

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