A Two Part Trilogy?

My latest video is now available on youtube. This one was  started August 2018 which in my terms is decades ago, but has been waiting for part 2.

If you look back across the range of 60 videos, I now have published on youtube you can see a pattern emerging. A new material or technique gets introduced, and you can see that sparks an idea further along. I first played with moulding in the Grand Romantic Gesture videos, I still think it was a good concept but you can see eyes roll whenever I try and explain it. Putting that to one side, moulding first surfaced then. In this video I take it a step further and create four Resin Panels with embedded foliage from the Garden.

In the next video published on the 28/3/19, I then take the four panels and build them into a Red Cedar wood Garden Table especially for my dearly beloved. Have a look, and remember to press subscribe it makes quite a difference to my life. In order to make this video I ended up polishing the resin, which got me thinking, so look for that linked to blacksmithed steel in a few videos time.

So the question your asking is how is this a 2 part Trilogy. Years ago I went on a retailers course, and I was told that in order to be successful you have to do what the big boys do but just scale it down to your budget. At the time I had a shop, and so took it to heart and built Father Christmas’s grotto in a corner shop, I quickly learnt that not everyone has a healthy relationship with the bearded one but that’s a story for another day. So as the Commercial channels love a Trilogy, I shall take a leaf out of their book and also call it a Trilogy but scale it down to 2 parts. That’s marketing.

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