Would you buy one ?

IMG_2740 (3)

In a few days time I step out from the comfort of my workshop into that frenzied whirlwind  which is the Suffolk Show. The first of a couple of rural shows I will demonstrating at this year.

The Main Focus of my stand will be promoting  my Heritage Craft Wheelwrights business , with several examples of wheels and the miniature Cowboy wagon I recently completed as demonstration pieces. As I also like making rocking chairs, we will have a couple of those including the Rocking Garden Bench, that way when we get tired we can always get a seat.

In discussion with my dearly beloved it was agreed we needed a table, so a table was duly constructed. Which causes a problem in that what do I put on it?

In recent months I have been playing with the concept of clocks, and I have made several with Leather Clock Faces, and this week I made one with a Copper Clock Face as a prototype. I rather like it although I think I can improve upon it. I am assured by my style consultant ( otherwise known as a daughter) that copper is “on trend” and this is my chance to appear in Harpers Bazar and Vogues style pages.

The question is – Would anyone want to buy one?  Do I bother making a stock?




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