Getta Head, Getta Hat

Many years ago there was an advertising slogan in the UK, Getta ahead, Getta Hat, undoubtedly put about by those who sell hats. Recently I have been making some Steam Punk lanterns several of which are now installed in a very trendy bar in East London.image

In the course of my research I found myself looking at a number of Steam Punk websites and it seems in each image there are several people with Leather Top Hats with flying goggles. Now I don’t pretend to get it, but then I don’t understand people who dress up to refight battles either, and I have made enough bits for battle re-enactment customers over the years so why not steam punk, its just another version. A customer is a customer after all, they all seem to be having fun, and nothing dubious seems to be going on, and so my latest project was born. A Moulded Leather Bowler Hat, ideal for Steam Punks.

The first problem is I need a mould or former over which I can mould my leather. I have reasoned that a bowler needs to be a domed oval, so we need measurements, requiring the use of another advertising slogan – the appliance of science


The photo reminds me of my Barber George, a lovely chap but not renowned for his sense of humour. Every time he ask me would I like a change and if so which style would I like. With my usual rapier wit, which has got me thrown out of better establishments than his, I reply “A Mohican”. To be honest he plays he part, rolls his eyes, completely ignores me, and the bald patch staring up at him, and nothing more is said. Though recently he has started to get his revenge by combing my hair to the side, convincing my dearly beloved  I am up to no good, as I come home with a new hair style. But at least now I can show him a Photo of what I would look like with a Mohican.

As usual we digress, back to the bowler. Armed with these measurement’s I set out to make the former. On the lathe I have turned a 17cm wooden dome which I have then cut down the middle, stuck in a 2cm piece of wood and so the 19 x 17cm oval dome Bowler Hat Former was born



Where will it end I hear you cry, to which the answer is, in a few days time with a Moulded Leather Bowler Hat, which I feel sure is going to be this years must have fashion accessory for the stylish man ( or women) about town.

Look out to be amazed, coming to a cat walk near you…..





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