The Big Green Ice Cream Machine

At last a project with a snappy title. The first video documenting the creation of my Horse Powered / bloke on a bicycle powered, Ice Cream Machine.

This a project I have been thinking about for a long time, several years in fact, and its seen me through many sleepless nights. The problem then becomes is you concentrate your thoughts on the difficulties, and after a while they then seemingly become overwhelming, and so the project is shelved. The alternative method which I have chosen to adopt in this instance, is you break it down into a series of small achievable projects which then link together at the end, that way the issues seem far more manageable. So starting with what I know the first section is the Ice Bucket which sets the size for the rest of the machine. So in this instance we are aiming for 25 litres of ice cream each time its used.

Now this is never going to be an instant project, it needs to fit in around real work, and I have to earn the money to pay for it. So if your interested I need you to subscribe to my Youtube channel, that way you get to keep up with progress and the advertising buys the wood, whilst we wait for me to be discovered by a TV channel, and then when that happens you have the double benefit of telling your friends how you launched my career.

The next section is the drive mechanism for the stirring paddle, which promises to be more challenging. I need to know how fast I want the paddle to go round, and how fast a horse walks in a circle. Armed with that information I can then calculate the gear ratios, and how to link the horse walking round to the paddle in the bucket. I suppose I might also have to consider one or two Health and Hygiene matters, I don’t think customers will want horse flavoured ice cream.  For an engineer that’s easy but I am a carpenter. A

Wish me luck, and remember to come back and find out how I am doing.

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