A New Superfood


Recently I was demonstrating #enfieldfoodfestival and as part of my demonstration I was demonstrating how to make your own bacon. I maintain if you did a cost benefit analysis, balancing the amount of effort required ( very little) against the end result, home made bacon wins against any other home produced food. Certainly if you look at my recent videos on the subject, the link for which is below you will see just how easy it is.

However @enfield food festival I was really demonstrating my new Food Dehydrator / smoker drying some tomatoes, which I then turned into smoked tomato powder. This was really a stop gap whilst I waited  for the Hungarian Peppers I have been growing to ripen so I can make paprika. Having discovered smoked tomato powder I have to say it has transformed our cooking at home, and its set us off trying to powder all sorts of fruit and veg. Anyway working on the theory that Bacon and Tomato are a classic combination I decided to add smoked tomato powder into the bacon cure. In the excitement of the moment I was perhaps slightly heavy handed, and rather a lot went in  but who cares.

A week has passed, the Bacon has now cured, then it was smoked for 14 hours over apple wood, and finally it was ready. Smoked Tomato infused bacon. The picture doesn’t do it justice, we ended up with beautifully pink bacon, succulent, with a hint of the acidic tomato cutting through. truly something to savour.  I think we have discovered a new Super Food. When I was slicing it up I was thinking to myself all the people I could give some too, but having tasted it, what they have never had they wont miss. Its too good to share. Don’t you love it when an experiment works

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