The Final Bite


Finally the last part of the Ultimate Bacon sandwich Trilogy has been posted. If you have not been keeping up with this, its where I make most of the ingredients which are then brought together to create what is the Ultimate Bacon Sandwich. In other words I cure the Bacon, make the bread, the sauce , and the butter. The Bacon and Butter get smoked in a smoker I built, the bread is cooked in a wood fired oven I built, and the bacon is fried in a pan I made, on a Garden Grill – you guessed it. The idea is if you control each part of the process the end result has to be so much better.

The end result can be seen at why not have a look and see what you think.

Here at Tom Green Towers we have started on the next video. It involves Ice Cream and a wood lathe, To help me I had a lesson from a film Prosthetic designer. I’m intrigued and I know what happens.

thanks for reading


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