A leopard skin Mirror


I recently made 19 illuminated makeup mirrors with black and gold surrounds for a customer which ended up in the Boots Christmas Advert, and during the course of conversation I was asked if I could make a mirror with a fabric surround to which the answer is “of course”.

Their concept is that customers will supply pieces of material to cover a mirror frame to match their décor, which I then turn that into a finished product. I like the sound of that everyone likes a co ordinated room. By way of a demonstration piece I was commissioned to make a leopard print frame. I was having a Mirror making week with four full length mirrors going to a well known fashion company, who will be featuring them in an upcoming series of TV commercials, so I added this one to the schedule.

Armed with a metre of leopard print fabric I set off and I have to say I was delighted with the result. The customer www,backstageshop.co.uk put it on their facebook page  and apparently have already had enquiries so I guess I will be making some more. As they say on their post it divides opinion, “love it or hate it you cant ignore it”.

As for me when no ones looking I quite like it but then I like everything I make and I am really proud of the other four mirrors I made last week, words cant describe the excitement you get when you see something you make on the TV.


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