Even More Naked Man in a Tub

Its seems a long time ago now that I built this project but finally the video is published today, and the wider world gets to see my naked form across the internet. I am not sure what my mother would have said, and as every father will tell you its his sworn duty to embarrass his children, a duty I take seriously.

The video is now posted on you tube and the book is available from http://www.fitzrobbie.co.uk. The key to getting good viewing figures on you tube is the title and the key words regardless of the content. The racier the title the better. I keep having to stop myself posting a video entitled “Princess Diana Sex Tape” The viewing figures and consequently the advertising revenue would be superb. I suppose I should state to stop myself getting sued I don’t have any such video or images of Princess Diana, and I was definitely resisting the urge to link her to Kim Kardashian as I am sure they never met.  But think of the viewing figures, if you could get a cuddly kitten in there as well I could retire. I may try reposting this video with Naked Man in a Tub as the title and compare the figures. It would be an interesting experiment, especially if I then changed to the key words to match. Although if you typed in the word “sex” and ended up here, your most welcome but be kind with your comments.

Following a productive summer I now have a stock of videos awaiting publication. Each group of videos will now be linked to a booklet, so the speed of publication goes down. On the other hand each booklet now has an ISBN number so its officially published with a copy in the British Copyright Library. It doesn’t matter if no one buys a copy, I’m an author now, finally a proper job,and for that my Mother would be proud.


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