You knew me when I was poor

Following some feedback from an earlier post ” is it a book or is it a film” I finally made a decision and published my latest video with an accompanying booklet.

The video which is really in two parts, deals in part one with the manufacture of a wood fired water heater for a hot tub, the tub manufacture is dealt with in part 2. Spot the fancy title sequence and see how I age.

Having decided to publish the book then you go through all the hassles and costs of actually doing it. Getting ISBN numbers was the easy bit it just involved a cheque. Then its how you actually distribute the book. My original thought was amazon, but their percentages, transaction costs, and myriad other dressed up charges, for small volumes makes this uneconomic. As part of the sign up process, they want access to my complete identity, passport number, everything. Now I am sure they justify it as a way of preventing tax fraud, but do I really want to hand over my complete online identity to a company who doesn’t seem to pay a lot of tax in the UK, so they can prevent tax fraud. As my old dad used to say “people in glass houses shouldn’t take showers” at least I think that’s what he said.

Rant over, I have been pondering this dilemma for months hence the gap in posted videos. I had looked at starting my own ecommerce site but again the costs outweigh the benefits when dealing with niche markets. The solution came out of the blue from a customer of mine, Trafalgar Lighting. As a company they have embraced digital commerce with a number of online enterprises, and have a history of supporting others. Have a look at the which they sponsor.  They do however have a website which to put it politely just ticks over. They have kindly allowed me to put my booklets on that site, which will be joined by some of my products in time, as away of dipping my toe in the digital water.

Having produced the booklet and the videos I now have to try and earn a crust by promoting it. Obviously the life of a celebrity awaits, fast cars, vast yachts, the jet set life style are for me. However I have promised my family I will turn down “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” and a nude calendar is unlikely. However the current debate as today is the start of new series of Strictly Come Dancing in the UK. Should I do it? will I look good in a sequins.

Its a whole new world of problems. Still you knew me when I was poor.

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