Naked Man in Bath

hot tub (2)

Finally after many months of work, the Hot Tub is complete, its plumbed into the wood fired water heater, I had a big pile of wood off cuts, and no one wanted me all day. Perfect

The weather forecast was dubious but  not enough to put me off. I have never anticipated the end of a project, with such excitement, as much as I have looked forward to this one. Its not that it was particularly difficult project, it was big, it was unusual, and there was a complete lack of information available on how to do this, but I’m used to that, but the end was the culmination of a long held dream. A Hot Tub in the garden in which I can sit back, relax, listen to the birds singing, let the world pass me by,and play with my rubber duck, no honestly as you can see from the picture my daughter brought me a rubber duck. A rather large one but then this is no ordinary bath.

The water heater was an unknown quantity, yet vital to the success of the project, especially if my dearly beloved was too join me. After 6 hours of heating the tub was adjudged warm enough to venture in, and even if it had been freezing I wouldn’t care I was still going in. The actual result was mixed the water on top two thirds was lovely, the bottom third could have been warmer. Im sure a clever school boy (or girl) could give us the official scientific term, whereas I just see it that heat rises, and there wasn’t a current to mix it all up.

Have no fear I have an adjustment in mind to fix that, and soon the video will be ready, though I am not sure the world is ready for a video of an over weight middle aged naked man in a bath, alternatively it might be the start of my career as the thinking womens bit of rough.

You heard it first


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