The Moment of Truth!!!


If you have seen my posts before you will know for the last couple of months I have been making a cedar wood hot tub and wood fired water heater to warm it all up. Finally its all assembled, the plumbing is complete, I have a big pile of wood offcuts and at last I have a free afternoon.

So the moment of truth has arrived, will all this time, wood, and steel, combine to create a steaming hot tub. The time for talk is over. Its action time

At 2pm with a feeling of trepidation I lit the fire for the first time. The good news is that smoke comes out the chimney, so at least I know that works.

After 10 mins  the hot water return pipe feels hot, so at least something is getting warm.

After 20 mins I am convinced providing you hold your hand next to the hot water inlet you can feel a most definite rise in water temperature. it just needs to get to the rest of the tub.

From what I have read its going to take about 2 hours to heat the water, I am not known for my patience but this is killing me.

keep in touch


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