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If you would like to see how I went from having a shoulder of vegetable tanned leather to a hand stitched and shaped Ladies Shoulder bag, complete with lining and zip have a look at the video.

It was an interesting project. I started mixing materials, leather with fabric a few projects back, and its an interesting combination. Leather isn’t very flexible and I would go as far as to say co operates. Fabric especially thin fabric flops about all over the place. When I am stitching I tend to use a saddlers stitch which involves the use of two needles, one either end of the same piece of thread, and you go back through the same holes. With leather that’s easy, the holes are easy to find, however with fabric its becomes slightly more of a challenge, and the holes are much harder to locate.

All of my projects tend to be bespoke and its always an amusing interaction when I get the brief. I starts off with ” I want a bag just like the one you made for xxx” and then proceed to give me a list of modifications. In this case the bag came with longer, thinner shoulder straps, in a lighter weight leather, with a lining and zipped pocket, so really nothing like the one that went before.

Still the end result is rather pleasing and the young lady it was made for seems very happy judging by the width of her smile, and the speed she transferred the contents of her old bag into this one.

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