I put it off as long as I could

lined_bag (2)

If you read my earlier post you will know I wasn’t looking forward to parts of this bag, in particular the lining and internal zipped pocket. Combining Saddlers Leather with a fabric is fiddly and time consuming which is probably why I don’t like it. I had put it off as long as I could, I tidied my workshop, swept the floor, and every other diversionary tactic I could think of, but in the end I had too do it before my wife decided something needed decorating.

So now its done, the body of the bag is complete and the lining with zipped pocket is sewn in. All that remains is to attach the shoulder straps, and the closing strap and then its done.

Once its finished I shall be off leatherwork for a while. I have a little list of projects lined up, including some upholstered chairs, but before that I shall be blacksmithing some brackets for a customer, which as the weather turns cold  will be a particular treat, as are the toasted sandwiches I then make on the forge. When you see it written down ” A cheese and Ham Sandwich squeezed between two metal plates and held over a coke fire” doesn’t actually sound that good, until you try them. Add to that the childish excitement of making tea from a kettle that whistles when it boils and its a classic day. The only thing to top that is whenever I have taught someone blacksmithing, the first thing they make is a toasting fork, which they then use to cook sausages over the forge. Everyone is covered in soot,the forge is far too hot to cook over, the sausages get burnt, but the flavour and sense of achievement is magnificent.

thanks for reading


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