I cant put it off any longer


Recently I have been making a variety of Leather bags and cases, and whilst all my work is to individual order, with customers encouraged to ask for any modifications they may want, they tend to follow a certain pattern. Usually they will have seen a previous project, and want one just like that but in a different colour.

My current project is a combination of several. The basic bag is the same as the ladies handbag subject of my more popular you tube videos, which I am delighted to see is very close to 60,000 views mark, much to my amazement. However it then veers off, the customer wants longer thinner straps, which aren’t a problem, but more of an issue is a fabric lining as seen in the Fuzion bag video, which is then refined further with a zipped pocket. When you see it written down it seems like a perfectly reasonable request, after all most ladies bags have internal zipped pockets, but not mine, and I can see this will start a trend everyone will now want one.

Luckily I am using slightly lighter weight leather than usual, its about 2mm thick as opposed to 3-4mm, as you can see I have made the front and the back, attached the square rings for the straps, and the buckle. I have also sewn the shoulder straps and sides. Now all I have to do is sew it all together and then sew in the lining with a zipped pocket.

I’ve been putting it off as much as I can, all my tea cups are now clean, the floor is swept, the knives are sharpened even the ones I don’t use very often, I seriously considered sorting out my stock of buckles and labelling the parts bins.

Alas I cant put it off any longer, wish me luck I’m going in

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