An open and shut case

When I first started stitching leather about 10 years ago one of the very first projects I made was a red leather briefcase, and I have used it proudly ever since. But finally it was time for a new one, and the video takes you through the process of how to make one step by step.

When I sat down to consider the project, I spent some time working out what I wanted to carry. A4 pads and sample cards, and iPad and occasionally a laptop. I looked carefully at the old case and worked out it didnt need to be as wide, I could loose 50mm off the side, and thats the size I made the new case. Alas I have brought a new lap top, which turned out to be in widescreen format and you can see this coming, doesnt fit in the new case.

Oh well the old case will still be good for another 10 years


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