what do you get the man who has everything?


There’s an old joke that says “what do you get the man who has everything?”

The answer to the joke is anti biotics, but the answer to my question is a Beer Bottle Holster, which will undoubtably be everymans must have present for this year.

Many of my products will soon be appearing on a new sales web site launching soon that specializes in handmade bespoke items, and they asked me for a novelty item ideal as a christmas present. The result was the beer bottle holster.

Like most things I make, I have never made one before, and so I needed to first create the design. Unfortunatley you never have an empty beer bottle when you need one, so suffering for my craft, last night I sacrificed my principles and emptied a bottle of my current favourite beer. which then gave me a pattern to work from. matching the style of a proper work holster I have used 3mm thick leather, and unusally for me some rivets.

Having made the holster, and shot a video as I did it, I then had to make a belt because to my embarrasement I didnt have one ( I made a few but never keep them). Its only then did I find its real use. When I had been thinking the holster design through before I started I thought it could be used for a beer bottle, perhaps it could be used for a bottle of barberque sauce when barberquing , or even a long lense for a photographer, but when I put it on I discovered it also fits a bottle of mineral water, its ideal for a travel mug. How butch am I – dont answer that. All I have to do now is wear the same jumper tomorrow so I can reshoot parts of the video but dont tell anyone it will be our secret.

In the meantime if your looking for a christmas present for that difficult to buy for person in your life I know just what you need.

thanks for reading




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