I started so I finished


When I first started stitching leather about 12 years ago I made myself a couple of briefcases, Looking back at it now with the benefit of hindsight they were very ambitious projects, with all kinds of pockets and compartments, and 12 years later I am still using them, one of them practically everyday, and whilst it was still serviceable it was looking like its owner dog eared and tired. Time for a replacement just dont tell my wife in case it gives her ideas.

Hence this project was borne. Made from a shoulder of red vegetable tanned leather, its taken a couple of weeks, and as usual there will be a video taking you through the process step by step should you feel the urge to try making one for yourself posted in a few weeks time.

The problem now is having made the case I am not sure I can bring myself to use it, partly because its too good to use, and partly because the old case was like an old family pet, well worn and house trained, a true and faithful companion, its been all over the world with me, we are comfortable together, and there’s plenty of miles left in the old case yet again just like its owner. I was going to put in here that I might just save it until Prince Charles does come to tea, for which you probably need to read the previous post, but then I vowed never to use that line again, so I wont.

So whats the next project I hear you ask. Occasionally (?) I find myself going off on tangents, at the moment  I have a hankering to make some leather polish, I also have a plan for some shaving cream, and then I have an order for a new handbag from a lady who saw the fusion bag video and wants something similar but with zipped pockets, a proper challenge. To find out what happens next click the follow button and you will be the first to know.

thanks for reading


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