The handbag wins

The latest video is now online, a leisurely stroll through the design and build process of the fusion handbag, starting in this case with red leather and some scraps of fabric, through to the finished bag.

At the time when I was making the bag it caused considerable debate amongst the ladies who visited my workshop, some loved it, others hated it, but all had an opinion, it wasn’t a bag to ignore. As it was an experiment, there wasn’t a customer in sight, and when it was finished several people wanted it, including the one who lead the hate it brigade.

Have a look at the video, see what you think. If you would like to comment on the design feel free, its always good to get feedback. In the meantime I feel another experiment coming on

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1 Response to The handbag wins

  1. Alex Stansby says:

    Just a thought – as fabric sags more than leather, if I were making this I would have used some non-woven interfacing on the fabric to make sure it stays as solid as the leather. Or quilted it with some bump (curtain interlining) to give it more body. If you used plain fabric, you could print it or paint it and have something truly fabulous, especially if you used metallic dyes.
    Love watching you work more than doing it myself!!

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