When is a Mirror not a Mirror


Q.When is a mirror not a mirror?

A. When its used in an advert

One of my customers is a Theatrical Equipment Company based in London who frequently ask me to build odd bits for them. In the past I have made some illuminated mirrors, and even an Electric Chair.

They have recently had an enquiry from an Advertising company for a circular theatrical mirror with light bulbs all the way round. In conversation with them it transpired what they actually wanted was a mirror frame, with Chrome light fittings, with matt silver paint – have you ever tried to get matt silver?, without the mirror. Apparently the young lady in the advert will be gazing into the mirror and then making using of clever digital trickery, in the reflection she will see the object of her desires, we just don’t know what it is, they didn’t tell us.

I’m quite please with the end result, I even managed to source some silver cable to run it with. The Adverting Agency has described it as “Amazing” don’t you love it when a plan comes together.

The next job for the same customer is a pair of Gothic Thrones, so life is never dull

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