The Perfect Office Chair

A touching tale tale of love lost, love found and lost again.

For over 35 years I had a proper job, although don’t tell my mother she spent years waiting for me to get one. In this job I sat at a desk in an uncomfortable chair and got on with it. After 20 years, despite several running repairs, that chair fell apart, my dodgy employer (me) finally relented and purchased me a new chair. The old chair went to my work shop, and you will see in the video 10 years later I still have it.

However this is not a video about a 30 year old chair but rather the creation of a new one. A chair that’s sculpted to fit your body shape, a Chair that supports you The chair I wished I had when I worked in an office, The chair I wished I had now as this new one has been appropriated by my dearly beloved

Have a look at the video and let me know what you think. Have I discovered a new business here?

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