Going Up in Smoke!


The latest Heritage Craft Project Book is published today – How  to Make Food Smokers and Dehydrators.

This one came about by popular demand from customers asking for the plans of my designs.  Over the years I have made a number of Food Smokers, both hot and cold, and last year I made the combined Food Smoker and Dehydrator. Its fair to say the products from which have transformed our cooking.

I Don’t think we could no manage without Smoked Tomato Powder, which has been augmented with a whole range of smoked and dehydrated powders replacing a conventional herb& spice rack. St Clements powder has now transformed our breakfasts, Strawberry powder our deserts, and we are in discussions with a chain of trendy cocktail bars to add them to their cocktails. However in order to make these you need our smoker/ dehydrator.

So buy the book, http://www.fitzrobbie.co.uk/ . You get the designs for both hot and cold smokers. Cold smoking will allow you to make for example Smoked Salmon, Cheese, and Smoked Butter. Hot smoking gets you Brisket and Pulled Pork and recipes are included. Add in the design for the dehydrator, and you have everything you need:

To transform your life and Diet

Amaze your friends,

Make some if you don’t have any,

Become attractive to the opposite sex, or the same sex if you prefer.

Achieve World Peace

Get a better Job

To solve your Christmas present dilemma

for that hard to buy for relative

and many other improbable claims and all for just £5.95.



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