Fun with Fire


“Fun with fire” or “The Old Blokes Kitchen rides again”.

February is becoming one of my favourite months, nothing is growing in the garden, so when I do get some time off, I have time to play and experiment which this weekend I am doing in abundance.

One of my big projects for this year is to write my next book provisionally entitled “Fun with Fire” although I do like “The Old Blokes Kitchen Rides again” which will be all about building a smoker, and smoking some food along with some recipe’s., and that’s what we doing this weekend.

By way of an experiment I am smoking a variety of vegetables to see how we get on. Some I have tried before and some I haven’t.  Mushrooms are a returning favourite but this time they have been joined by sliced potato destined for dinner as a potato and mushroom gratin with a white sauce. My mouth is watering at the thought of it.

I purchased from my local supermarket what they call wonky onions, ones that didn’t make it too the shelves for cosmetic reasons. Perfectly good onions and I am looking forward to the Smoked Onion Chutney I am planning with them.

The squash is tomorrows lunch, smoked squash soup with perhaps some smoked carrot for even more flavour.

Finally whilst that’s been smoking I have been making Pork Sausages with my smoked Tomato powder which has become a staple of our cooking, Sausage and tomato are a classic combination so why not in the same sausage, we will find out, and once the veg is out the remaining sausages will go into the smoker overnight.

Can you overdose on smoke? I hope not.

If that gets your juices flowing remember to press the follow button and keep up.  I Have just been listening to an episode of @the kitchen cabinet and they mention smoked Milk Ice Cream. Now that we do really have to try



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