A Plumbers Mirror


There are two ways a business can go, you can be single minded, focused on a particular product or service and if your lucky you will find the customers who want just that, or you can go the way my business goes and make what your customer asks for. As a consequence you find yourselves going sideways but it makes for a more interesting life, and that’s what I have coming up in the next couple of days.

This weekend I am to be found in Hammersmith West London at the UMA Professional Makeup Expo a trade show for Theatre and Film Makeup Artists working on the http://www.locationmirror.co.uk stand. Manufacturing bespoke illuminated makeup Mirrors has become an important area of work for me, I work for a couple of Theatrical Hire companies making mirrors for hire, and for http://www.locationmirrors.co.uk I make bespoke ones, any shape and any colour, and that’s what they are showing this weekend.

You have a choice of a rather shocking pink one, a Landscape format mirror with the lamp holders mounted through the glass, and my particular favourite the plumbers mirror. My Mirror customer had seen some copper pipework chandeliers I had made for someone else, loved the concept but could I do it with a mirror.


As you can see it worked and I have to say I loved the end result. Hopefully the final customers love it as well, Ill find out this weekend. If you would like one get in touch .

Scroll down to see some of the others. wish me luck






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