Handmade Wooden Bed Frame


By way of an experiment for my latest you tube video which can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0DNJpjMLn8h I have decided to publish the cutting list here as a method of supporting the video. Lets see how it works.

I have been making this style of bed for a good number of years taking over from my father, not for sale, but as a family tradition. Its a simple sturdy design, quick and easy to make, and lasts for years. I sleep every night on one my father made for us when my dearly beloved and I were first married over 30 years ago. I like to think my ones will also last just as long.

You will need

2 x 45mm x 45mm soft wood – headboard legs

2 x 45mm x 45mm softwood – base legs

1 x 250mm x 25mm x 1330 – headboard

2 x 145mm x 22mm x 1855mm softwood- sides

2 x 145mm x 22mm x 1380mm softwood – ends

1 x 70mm x 22mm x 1290mm feet end softwood -slat

13 x 70mm x 22mm x 1340 softwood slats

2 x 25mm x 22mm x 1770mm softwood – side slat supports

1 x 70 mmx 22mm x 1896mm softwood centre support

4 x 70mm x 22mm x 70mm softwood

1 x set four bed brackets – available from online ironmongers

and whatever you want to finish the wood. I used beeswax.

As a woodworking project this is about as simple as it gets, it requires the ability to measure and cut in a straight line. The measurements given fit a standard UK 4ft 6″ mattress. I will leave it to you to check it fits your mattress, there may be all kinds of regional differences I am not aware of.

Why not try it for yourself next time you need a base and start your own family tradition.

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