Its Mirror Time


Regular readers will know I have a steady trade making professional Makeup Mirrors for a Theatrical Equipment Hire Company based in North London who in turn hire them out to all manner of customers. A very popular use is as an in vision prop in advertisement’s both in print and on TV and I do have to admit to a little thrill every time I see one.

We were having a conversation recently and apparently they keep getting asked for a much wider table top mirror with conventional light bulbs around three sides. We also discussed whether it was possible to clean up the design and loose the base of the lamp holder and mount it through the mirror. Well there’s a thought. So down to the glass merchants I went and luckily they knew a company who could cut the requisite holes in mirror glass with a water jet, something I would really like to have seen, although you really don’t want to know what it cost.

As you can see from the picture today was mirror time, and I assembled the mirror and the lamp holders for the first time to see what it looks like, it comes out as a much cleaner design and as each lamp is surrounded by mirror the light output is superb. Before it can be used I now have to make a structure to house the mirror, allowing it to be free standing upright on a table top, to enclose all the cabling behind, and enable it to spend most of its life in the back of a van with breaking, so no pressure there. Oh and its has to look good on camera, and if that’s not enough its just about to be London Fashion week and someone famous wants it


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