Its launched so now it has to happen


This week I have posted a new video on You tube. This latest one shows how to make a ladies handbag loosely based on an American Lunch Pail shape. Not being American myself  I have no idea whether they actually use lunch pails, but having been brought up, albeit many years ago, on American films they always seem to use them, and its a lovely practical shape.

The Video shows how to make it and I have tried to illustrate the thought process behind the design, showing how I arrive at the dimensions, and the various options so any one attempting to make on for them can alter the size to suit them. To have a look go to

The major difference is that I have now given a public deadline for the production of the Leather Crafting book, which still needs a title, a cover, and just a bit more inside, so its nearly ready. But now there is now an official publication date so I have to get on and finish it.

In the meantime enjoy the video



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