How Many??


Most of work I do is making one off items, so I didnt really think it through when I was asked by a Theatrical Hire company customer to make some dressing room screens. Apparently they have a demand for these, but due to fire regulations they cant buy mass produced screens, as the materials used wont comply with the regs for use in public buildings, so they asked me to make six covered in a fire resistant material. No Problem I said.

Technically its not difficult its just 18 frames all the same, which are hinged together in threes. What I hadnt taken into account was the qty.90 seperate pieces of wood to be cut to length, and 216 individual joints to be fitted. 18 frames to make and cover, with 30 mts of flame proofed material. Now if your a mechanised factory thats not worth setting up the machinery to start, but for me thats a lot. To make it easier I purchased a pneumatic stapler. As a Traditional Upholsterer who revels in horsehair and springs, hand hammered tacks to hold the fabric are derigeur. Thats before I had 18 frames to cover. Now having used one I wouldnt be without it, so much for principles, Ill start using rubber foam next. 

image Still all six of them are finished in three days, just in time for the Office party season, and I have already been asked for 12 more.  Its a way of earning a living, but the downside is whilst making these, my mind wandered and I now have a pile of projects in my head which I am desperate to start.

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