Is it a book or is it a film?


For some time I have been having discussions with about the formats to use for our new publications, Do we put everything on video, is it a book, and how do we earn a living, a problem far cleverer people than me have been wrestling with.

Our solution is a mixture of the two mediums, videos shot in HD which will be freely available supported by a book which will be known as Heritage Craft Project Books, and I am committed to 10 books over the next five years. The first two videos and accompanying book dealing with the construction of the hot tub and water heater comes out in a few weeks. My part is done, complete with what I thought was some of my best jokes, although having an editor for the first time was an interesting experience and soon took care of them, so I am taking advantage of a few days break between real work to film book number two.

Several of the books/ videos will be a course on leather craft, taking you from  basic stitching all the way through to advanced work, illustrated by a series of projects of increasing difficulty. Project one was really an introduction to stitching and covered how to make a luggage label, todays which is Project two is how to make a belt, tomorrow’s is a phone holster which fits the belt. Plenty of joined up thinking here. To help with the filming we are using black leather with white stitching which is very unforgiving, you have to keep everything clean, and be very precise, but then if you put yourself up as an expert you do have to be able to walk the walk.

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