Man with Rubber Duck


The advantage of a long weekend is you can get a lot done, and so as you can see the Hot Tub project nears completion, with the structure of the tub complete, along with the seats.

I have never actually seen a hot tub in real life, just lots of pictures, I couldn’t find any designs or instructions, so before I started I did a lot of research, discovering that the ideal depth is so that the water gets to just below the top of your shoulders, when your sitting on a bench seat inside. Then followed lots of measuring my torso in privacy of my own workshop, whilst sitting on boxes, whilst sitting next too a table to give an indication of scale, which gave me the measurements. Then I built it and as you can see its big, its very big. Having now looked online again, it appears to be right, but if you didn’t already see its big. Whilst going through the design phase I seemed to have completely forgotten that not everyone is as tall as me, so I might have to make my dearly beloved a booster seat. Not sure how that will go down, although I suspect the answer is not to fill it so deep.

Today it will get transported by trolley out of the garage, along the road which will give passing motorists something to talk about, its not often you see a hot tub going along the road. Although if you look on You tube for Dutch tub you will see a guy in Canada who hires them out, delivering them behind his bicycle, which is worth a look. once in place in the garden then its a bit of “simple” plumbing, to connect it up to the water heater.

Once connected I have 48 hours of agony, apparently you have to put some water in the bottom and leave it for 48 hours to give the wood time to soak up the water, swell, and stop up any little gaps, before filling right up stoking the boiler, and in you go. So I now have 48 hours to make a set of stairs so we can get in and a cover.

So in the meantime my rubber duck and I are waiting.

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