Its time for an experiment

Last weekend I created my stone lined fire basket and very popular it is too. As always there is a video and that’s just been published, so if you would like to see a middle aged man at the height of his powers then have a look.

Every time I post a new video at some point I get asked for the plans, so by way of an experiment for this project I have drawn some basic plans with a cutting list and published them on my website at . Have a look and see what you think, any comments are always welcome especially if their kind.

I have two large projects planned for this year, and so with the fire basket out the way I am ready to start with one of them. At the moments its the exciting bit, the thinking it through, the research, the dreams of how magnificent its going to be, and at the present time nothing has gone wrong. Its a shame I actually have to make it.

I have a design, some of it is even on paper. This one is going to be expensive, and involves lots of wood, steel, and even some copper pipe, so definitely not an experiment, although I don’t know anyone else who has made one. I am starting to amass the materials, and have some time in the diary put aside.

What’s it going to be, well all will be revealed soon.



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