Is it a man or is it a bird?


Is it a man or is it a bird? No its a flying figure created by French artist Cedric Le Borgne , one of several installed and lit by yours truly as part of the Canary wharf Winter Lights festival.

One of my customers is a Theatrical Supply Company in North London who for the last couple of weeks have been keeping me busy building and installing all manner of bits and pieces, in particular a number of weather proof boxes to house “technical stuff” needed for art installations now installed at Canary Wharf for the Winter Lights festival, running throughout January, although this weekend is the big family weekend so if your in the area go have a look, from what I have seen most of it is good but there are one or two bits which are exceptional, and its all free.


It all started with an enquiry for a weatherproof  box to house high power video projector outdoors in December and the order kept being added to.   I then made four further boxes to house smoke machines which attach to the side of one of the bridges. The boxes were straight forward enough to construct but the installation over the edge of a bridge was interesting in the wind and torrential rain. Even with industrial waterproofs on after 8 hours in the rain I got wet in places I didn’t think it was possible.


The final piece is the last of Cedrics sculptures. They were all installed last weekend again in the wind and rain, but when you see them like this its rather good and you forget the pain. They are beautifully made, with soft flowing lines, must be nice to be artistic.

Oh well back to my warm dry workshop the projects are backing up

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