A work in Progress

fusion I thought I would try something new for my next project and try a fusion of upholstery fabric and leather, so its experiment time, and once again visitors to my workshop are being vocal, I am thinking of getting a secret corner for me to work in.

As its an experiment I am using up some off cuts, the fabric is left over from a Chaise Longue I built a couple of years ago, and the leather is what’s left after the Ladies Briefcase project. The only thing I needed to buy was some lining fabric, so the whole project will cost about £10 including buckles. A bargain if it works.

So what we have is a small Ladies Handbag and the picture shows what will become the main piece of the bag, the panel that forms the back and then up and over to become the flap. Its proving to be interesting mixing the different materials, the leather is quite rigid but the fabric bends all over the place so to holding them together has its moments, and sewing was far more challenging than I thought, so I will think carefully before I try mixing fabrics again, depending upon how it turns out, but that’s life on the cutting edge for you.


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